Apr 2, 2009

Help SAVE the Earth in Global Warming

After the Late News last night, I saw the special edition of the Probe Team regarding Climate Change or popularly known as GLOBAL WARMING. I’ve been hearing about this but I tend to ignore it and never was interested about its facts, not until last night when I watched the program from the Kapamilya Channel. This was very alarmin because according to studies, Philippines was included among the countries that are facing great risk in global warming.
So I research further and would like to share with you the importance of Global Warming issues. PLEASE DO TAKE TIME IN READING THIS...

Increased Carbon Dioxide
Most scientists believe that the cause of global warming is due to an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Increases in carbon dioxide are mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. The problem with burning fossil fuels is that the process releases carbon dioxide that was previously stored underground.
Deforrestation is also blamed. Fewer forests mean less carbon dioxide is soaked up from the atmosphere.

Effects of Global Warming
With extreme flooding come favorable conditions for mosquitoes. Diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever are on the increase in Asia, East Africa, and LatinAmerica.

90% of coral in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, in the Seychelles, and in Congo is now dead because of global warming

It is anticipated that sea levels could rise between 110 to 770 mm (0.36 to 2.5 feet) by 2100. Warm water expands, and oceans will expand as the planet warms up. Also, warmer temperatures will melt the polar ice which will lead to an increase in sea level. Rising sea levels will result in a largerange of social, and economic problems. These include more severe flooding, loss of property and costal habitat, loss of culture, degradation of soil and water quality impacting agriculture and aquaculture, and loss of tourism.

Global warming is likely to affect the global food supply by changing current climatic conditions. Many farmers believe that minor seasonal variations are already affecting yields. The award winning Henschke wine from Australia has found that over the last 5 years their grapes have been maturing earlier.
Weather conditions are becoming more extreme. The number of Category 4­5 hurricanes has almost doubled in the last 20 years. The effect of hurricanes is clear, but with warm temperatures they are likely to become even more powerful.

Why don’t we do our simple share to prevent destroying our planet? These may not benefit us today but for our future children and grandchildren. Below is a list of actions we can take to save our planet, and to save money in the process.

How to stop global warming
1) Use One Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Replace only a single regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb to save about 68 kilograms (150 pounds) of carbon dioxide emissions a year.
2) Use A Low Flow Showerhead
Low flow showerheads can save about 160 kilograms (350 pounds) of carbon dioxide emission every year.
3) Plant A Tree
Plants consume carbon dioxide, the primary global warming atmospheric gas. One shade tree can absorb about 50 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. Over the average tree’s lifetime of 40 years, a tree can reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide by about 1 ton (915 kilograms) over its lifetime.
4) Maintain Your Car
By keeping your tires properly inflated and your air filter clean, you can save anywhere between 110 kilograms (250 pounds) to 475 kilograms (1050 pounds) of carbon dioxide emissions each and every year.
5) Drive Less
You could walk to the shops instead of driving, or dust off your bike if you think the shops are too far to walk too. You also help your health and that’s a big bonus.
6) Lower your Thermostat
Leave your thermostat a little warmer in summer and a little cooler in winter so your heating system doesn’t consume so much power.
7) Introduce a diverse range of plants in to your backyard
Doing so will help facilitate the important connections between food sources and pollinators. In turn, plants will flourish and continue to consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

And I would like to add: CONSERVE WATER.

Global warming threatens to submerge parts of Manila and wipe out entire islands, a conservation group warned, as it brought its campaign to cut carbon dioxide emissions to the Philippines.
This one is more alarming because our hometown (Obando) is very near in Navotas - Rean Tirol, WWF-Philippines’ climate change manager, said at a news conference that a rise in local sea levels could inundate half of Metro Manila’s coastal town of Navotas and submerge entire islands in the archipelago.
The WWF is now negotiating with several companies in the country to adopt energy-efficient saving measures in their operations to help in the global effort to cut CO2 emissions, the leading cause of global warming.
Fortunately, 12 companies worlwide including HSBC, Lafarge, IBM, Nike, Sony and Johnson & Johnson, have signed up for the Climate Savers Program, which was launched in 2000. By 2010, they are expected to reduce their emissions by 10 million tons a year, according to the WWF (World Wide Fund for nature).
After having this information, the more I would like to leave the Philippines. Its very painful that most government officials are busier in their monkey business than protecting its people.


Beth said...

global warming is very alarming nga. sna it's never too late.

amiable amy said...

oo nga very alarming kaya nga ibang lugar super init d naman tag init and likewise...hay naku, speaking of forest, dito kahit saan forested area ...kaya nga the leaves piled up sa labas dapat lagay sa trash bag , d pwede sunugin...

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi mommy beng....
sad to hear that the Philippines was included. kaya talaga namang napakainit sa atin ano.
namiss ko tuloy yung pagiging member ng NGO (Non-Government Organization)..wherein we tackle about nature conservation, illegal quarrying, effects of global warming and other issues on how to save the mother earth...halika na mommy dito sa US..dito ka na tumira para makapagbonding tayo ng madalas hehe..

Beng said...

oo nga..dream ko talaga pumunta dyan..swerte nga nakakuha kami last year ng multiple entry visa, lahat kami:)..kaya lang recession naman...

Anonymous said...

hi miss beng...
im going to write and deliver a speech about global climate change.. how can i persuade my audience do simple things that will help save the earth? thank you...