Jun 17, 2009

Makoy's Birthday

Makoy is celebrating his birthday today! I promised bringing him to the mall this weekend because mommy is out for work today. Makoy has already changed a lot, all our neighbors before knew when he has his tantrums (because of his really irritating wails). He now eats rice thrice a day (thanks to daddy) . He's very bubbly now, he laughs as if there's no more tomorrow. You should see him watching comedy shows because he really buys them a lot! He's a good dancer and a great singer too. How I wish his two front teeth will come out soon. I love you Koy, Happy Happy Birthday!
Align CenterWatch the total performer!

It's also my brother's birthday today, Happy Birthday Rowie!


niko said...

heheh total performer nga!! galing!! :)

happy birthday makoy!!

pehpot said...

oh.. Happy Birthday Makoy!

Make or Break

Cecile said...

happy birthday, Makoy :-); galing naman ng performance :-) bravo!

Enchie said...

Happy birthday to Makoy!!!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

happy birthday makoy!
nakakatuwa naman father and son tandem! heheh..mana pala ke daddy eh...galing din ni daddy kumanta...siguro si mommy magaling din! ^_^ mga total performer siguro ang family nyo.

Clarissa said...

Ang galing ni Makoy!!Happy Birthday to the great performer!!!^_^

G.O.D said...

wow happy happy bday makoy

chubskulit said...

Happy bday Macky!