Jun 20, 2009

More Awards

Truly when it rains it pours, again I would like to thank my very dear and famous friends here, who never forget to include me in sharing their awards. Please do visit their awesome blogs:

Creative Mom Blogger Award from Ate Cecile Niko & Enchie
The Best Follower award from David
J'Adore Tien Blog Award from David
A Lovely Blog Award from Amy & David

Perky Blogger Award from Ate Cecile, David and Cacai

Your Blog makes us smile from Amy, Cacai , Tetcha

One Lovely Blog Award from Amy

Favorite Blogs Award from Amy & David

Maybe in the next few days opportunities will pour on this site (LOL!).


amiable amy said...

Wow...subra dami nito ahhh...Congrats...very nice, deserving ka sa lahat ng ito Beng...

I have a song for you here, my way of saying thank you....


pehpot said...

girl Happy birthday!

Make or Break

shimumsy said...

nabalitaan ko birthday mo daw? ayan nabuking tuloy.
happy birthday mi amiga. hope you had a fantabulous time celebrating.

amiable amy said...

Wooo! Gandang Umaga! Happy Birthday...hehehe. I just saw in Niko's blog. Happy Birthday Beng, sana you will be blessed with more opps, more friends, bountiful blessings and kindness of heart.

Di ako sad for myself, simple lang naman ako eh. I was sad with what's happening around us. Na praning nah! Hahaha. Pinalabas ko lang sadness na ganun sa blogpost ko hahaha.

You cheered me up dahil b-day mo, libre ha? Sa Jerry's gusto ko, dun sa Mall of Asia...LOL!

Happy Birthday ulit!

David Funk said...

Indeed when it rains, it pours. But you're deserving of everything you get.

Thanks for posting and for being a good blogger friend!:)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

weeeeh! it's your very special day today! Happy happy happy birthday my dear! Hope u will like kung anong
makikita mo sa site ko hehhehehe..^_^ May God shower you with so many blessings. ingat palage and God bless!

madz said...

Wow, tons of award for the one who's celebrating her birthday today :)

Happy Birthday!

chubskulit said...

Oh wow, hakot awards ang celebrant hehehe, you deserve it beng..

Happy Birthday, I wish you good health, happiness and lots of blessings from HIM!

Maus said...

oiii ang dami nila hehehe

Beth said...

Happy birthday Beng! sorry di ko alam! nabasa ko lang sa post ni niko! belated and may you have more to come! :) sayang no? konting days na lang pala bday mo na, kaso nakaalis na si hubby. pero i know naman sanay ka na. ako kasi mejo sanay pa din e kahit mtagal na un na nagpunta siya dun at nagcelebrate kmi ng wala siya. :)

All the best, Beng!

Clarissa said...

Congrats to your awards,Mommy Beng!!Sobrang blessing from friends!!Happy Birthday,Mommy Beng!! Wishing you good luck and happiness in life^_^

Cecile said...

thanks for posting th award, dear :-)

Cecile said...

beng, you deserved all these awards :-); have fun this week in everything you do, ingat lagi!