Jun 22, 2009

Special Days

It was exactly one year ago when Philippines was hardly hit by typhoon "Frank" with an international name of "Fengshen". This was very memorable because that day was my birthday too. We have no electricity (that means no internet dial up connection), no telephone and overflowing water (read:flood) outside our house.
I don't know but during this day, I tend to be too emotional, especially for the years 2006 and 2007. After 3 years of not having my birthday leave (kaya mas nakakaiyak), I was very thankful with my boss now because he allowed me to have my day off today. Sorry, but since the other day I was expecting for a typhoon because of what happened last year (paranoid!).
How did I celebrate it? I attended the mass this morning after finishing the needs of my 2 kids, they are now used of having their breakfast with me and they have medicines to take.
I took a nap for one hour then I proceeded to the mall to buy something for myself. I was not lucky because I did not buy anything: 1) I don't find something nice 2) If there are nice items, its beyond my budget (naman! me pagka Ilocana talaga). I just bought some food because I want to be stressed free during this day that's why I don't cooked something special.
I want to say thank you for those who greeted me here especially the overwhelming posts of Niko & Meryl. I wish to have more friends here...like YOU!



Cecile said...

belated Happy Birthday, Beng :-)!

Shimumsy said...

ay galing, shopping/malling by yourself. i like that. kelan kaya mangyari s'ken 'yan. parating may kasama lalo na pag may bulilit ka.
happy birthday ulit.

Clarissa said...

I'm glad I found you here at blogogsphere,Mommy Beng!!Thank you for being friendly,too!!^_^ Happy Birthday to you and many opps to come!!Best wishes,Mommy Beng!!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sister! glad na celebrate mo ang birthday mo ng walang bagyo at nakapagleave ka pa ^_^. bongga!
sige un pansit saka na lang.
Glad to meet you here sa blogosperyo. Salamat din sa special mention.
More blessings to come and God bless.

Dhemz said...

Belated Happy Birthday again TBeng....:) oh my...kakaloka, how come wala kang nabili...hehehe..well sa bagay nasa iyo na ata lahat...so you don;t need to get anything aside from food...hehehhe!

wow, good to know...paranoia talaga...hehehe...:)

Chris said...

happy birthday ha! :D

Anonymous said...

wow happy birthday ate wow ganyan ako pag medyo mahal haha wag na saka nalang hehe