Aug 18, 2009

Rebecca Gayheart, Eric Dane & Kari Ann Peniche in nude video

I've seen one of the latest scandalous nude video now which was also a top search in Google, Eric Dane with her wife Rebecca Gayheart and Ms. Teen USA 2002 Kari Ann Peniche shot at Studio City apartment. The video posted on the web was already edited, the three of them were fully nude and were taking turns in the camera. They agreed that Peniche should eventually erase the video before she make her movie, unfortunately she did not delete it that's why it circulated the web. Obviously the three of them were very high in drugs while doing that video.


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

brother ni Hayden ba ito?

niko said...

kaloka yang mag asawa na yan!

anyways may tag ako sa yo