Aug 19, 2009

Games on demand

There are times that I enjoy the experience of commuting everyday, through FX or colorum private vehicles, LRT and jeepney. Inside the jeepney you can hear funny stories from other passengers , while on LRT or on colorum vehicles you can see many youngsters and employees today are truly engrossed with their PSPs, while many internet shops are also offering different games online.
Various game reviews are now available at Crispy Gamer and some of the recently released games are Wolfenstein, Trials HD and Madden NFL 10. Do you know that you can see some screenshots of the latest games online? Or if you want to be the first to know of the hottest games in town just visit CrispyTV , internet's fastest game review.
When our friend is playing Crispy Shorts: Last Person Shooting: FPS Enemies Speak, he often ignores us pretending he's inside the video game he's playing with. I am also familiar with Need for Speed because my brother used to play that game, if you're not just click here to watch the slideshow of the hottest video games now.


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