Sep 13, 2009

Blog or Magic Sing

After doing a lot of household chores later this afternoon , I took the magic sing to relax and let my kids play at the computer. They are fond of the games in Y8. But after 4 songs Nikko asked me if they can go to my MIL so they can play with their cousins there. I let them go. But now I was torn what to choose, to sing or to blog. Since its been like ages the last time I sing, I sang 4-5 songs more before returning here and I was doing some task on post partum traditions. I am almost finished, just need some editing and I have to ask the leaves that I used then.
Just like Smart, the weather is unpredictable so the bed sheets I washed were still wet. I hope haring araw will visit tomorow and stay the whole day.


1 comment:

nikogirl said...

weeee parang gusto ko rin magvideoke :)

sad pag umuulan pag weekend noh? baha pa rin ba senyo? at least may internet connection ka.. kami wla ginawa kundi manood ng bala :D