Sep 12, 2009

Free Mizuno Shoes!

Bad News- there will be no free t-shirt on the invitational Badminton Tournament of McDonald's this coming Saturday September 19, 2009.
Good News - free Mizuno rubber shoes for the participants. I was not familiar with this brand because I'm not fond of branded things. But when I broke the news with the other players, they were so excited. I found out that Mizuno was famous on athletic shoes (golf, baseball/softball, volleyball and running). One pair costs P4-5 thousand pesos. Everybody agreed that we have to be there as early as 6am so we can still choose and reserve our sizes.



Nini said...

wow, ang nice naman! better than a free shirt heheheh yan ang shoes ko pero syempre 50% off/sale lang nabili LOL

mav said...

Bumili din ako ng Mizuno Badminton Shoes pero mga 2k lang yun hehe:)