Sep 30, 2009

Effect of climate change

After our badminton tournament last Saturday, I was stranded in Malabon area because of the flood. I asked the traffic aide what time will the water subside, he said maybe at around 12am. I decided to stay in one corner of Ever Grocery Store, it was also raining then and I am already wet because the water there is knee deep already. I feel very devastated and very sorry for myself because I feel cold already and I am so helpless not knowing how can I go home , I cannot contact my kids because there's no line of communication and I'm also saving my cellphone's battery.
A truck arrived and we asked the driver if we can have a ride until we passed the bridge because they said the water in the bridge area is almost 4 feet high, 2 men helped me to go up. Unfortunately the truck cannot proceed because the water is really very high, impossible to pass by. The truck driver returned us to where they picked us up so we have no choice but to wait there until it is passable. Hubby keep on telling me (through call & text) to call Au my officemate who live near the area and stay in their house for awhile. It's already 1am when I texted Au, she said I can stay in their house but its already midnight no more pedicab to bring me in their house. Au was so kind to fetched me and I stayed in their house until Sunday morning. I charged my cellphone first before leaving their house.

While walking in the flood (waistline deep) I feel that I'm going to have a cramp, thank God I saw 3 boys playing with a styropor and I asked them if they can bring me to Obando, they gladly obliged.
This is in Barangay Panghulo, Obando
There was a report for another storm this coming Thursday named Pepeng, let's all pray that it will not be as harshed as Ondoy. I am wondering if this tragedy is part of the effect of global warming.


katherine said...

Hi Beng, naku sa labas ka pala ng bahay inabot ng baha..buti na lang may friend kang malapit sa lugar na yon. kakatakot naman ang experience mo. Well, pasalamat na lang tayo na safe kang nakarating ng bahay. At mayron na namang parating, actually it's 3:20 na ng hapon ngayon(Wed.afternoon) Beng at malakas na ang hangin dito sa Davao, madilim na ang langit, sinasabi kasi na Wednesday afternoon daw dadaan dito, at ito na nga sana di sya kasing bangis ni ondoy at sana di na dumaan jan eh kasi maraming kawawa pati mga bata kakaawa..di pa nga tapos maglilinis ng bahay dahil sa putik tapos ito na namang isa pang bagyo...3 pa naman daw itong dadating. hoo kulog ang lakas, sige na kasi papatayin ko ang net baka tamaan ng kidlat. delekado.

Ingat kayo jan Beng.

fedhz said...

nyay. at least mommy ok naman mga kids mo at walang baha sa house nyo diba? grabe no?

Mom of Four said...

Beng, grabe naman ang experience mo, but I am glad that you are safe and sound. Thanks to Au..

Clarissa said...

Glad to hear that you and your family is safe,Mommy Beng.Let's pray na sana wala ng bagyo sa atin..