Oct 12, 2009

Birthday treats

I attended 4 birthday treats last week! Last Wednesday, it was our company President's surprise birthday blowout, after the mass and the blessing of our new coffee nook (with the help of our HR Department) we threw out a surprise party for him.
Last Thursday, it was my boss & my former boss turn to treat us for a very sumptuous lunch at Hap Chan. I did not eat much...why? They let me ordered the food...I overdid it! I was worrying they would scold me after...luckily, our very dear President paid the bill! (huh, what a relief!)
Friday came, another treat(Claire's at dampa) from my boss together with our 2 colleagues in our Badminton club (Evie & Jacob).

Yesterday, we attended a birthday party at Jollibee!

Tomorrow, another birthday treat from Kits & Sara, they will have a merienda treat for the whole Finance & Admin group. Thank you Lord for all the food....



Tetcha said...

Puro kainan yan, mommy ha! Sarap mag-attend ng birthday parties!

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang daming may birthday ah...kainan na! ^_^

Glenda said...

daming party ate... parang ako din! dami ko aattendan na party for this month. yikes! saya!

Mom of Four said...

Panay ang party, di man nagsasama, pakain naman dyan..haha!