Oct 9, 2009

You have an option too!

Our satellite dish at home was damaged by Typhoon Ondoy. When I went up at the terrace, I was stunned how hard the wind was to bent our dish. My kids keep on bugging me to buy a bigger TV because when we are eating on the dining area, they cannot watch their favorite cartoon show because of a small television set. Hubby was supposed to buy an LCD TV in Dubai but I prevented him. Now I am scouting for an LCD TV that is durable and good quality. Since we have no cable connection now, I can try Direct TV in replacement of our satellite dish.

Satellite Directv will be a perfect combination on a brand new LCD TV that I've been eyeing lately. Direct Satellite TV offers the best deals ever. It is also the best place to find the international channels from around the globe. Since I seldom watch movies, I can easily have it on Direct TV. Enjoy the comfort too of getting the best in high-definition TV.


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