Nov 5, 2009

Save more in coupons

The countdown has already begun for the most awaited Christmas day! Don't wait for the holiday rush in buying your presents. As early as last month my sister in Canada was already asking me what do I want for Christmas. My hubby too was already planning to purchase his Christmas gifts for us and to his other relatives here. But wait! There's a good news. We are indeed feeling the economic slowdown so we are really pushing ourselves to save more. I told them that the best way of shopping is using discount codes and coupons. My hubby will be a nuisance here but not my sister in the US who is familiar in using coupons to get more discounts so she can purchase more items.
Yesterday our nine year old television set broke down. Hubby was now scouting for a new one at Coupon chief and he's enjoying at the many electronic gift sets to choose from. Hubby was fond of buying bags for me and toys for the kids. Our kids really want to have a Sony PSP, maybe this is the best time to purchase one with discount. The very popular Macy's store offers free shipping with a minimum of $100. If you happen to own an online store, you may add your site and a guaranteed increase in exposure.


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chubskulit said...

we do save a lot using coupons everytime!