Nov 5, 2009

Missed the Fun

Last Friday was our Thriller Party, I was sick then so I was not able to attend the first ever Halloween Party in our department. There were 2 special prizes: Best MJ Look a Like and a Special Award for Star of the Night. Au who was also a frequent visitor here was really scary on her makeup and costume. Just a while ago, when I opened the door of the rest room, I was surprised…and a little bit shocked when I saw her face….LOL! I can still imagine her scary face in the photo.

Congratulations to the winners:
Best Michael Jackson Look a Like Winner (Michael)

Star of the Night (Au)
Niko requested me not to show her pictures here.....maybe next time, LOL!

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AlexNorman said...

You are very funny :) I love halloween too, this year i have the Graff Dracula costume. If you want to see more funny pictures from halloween, you can find thoes at