Jan 21, 2010

Seiko's Diary

I heard that this famous blogger was very generous with her friends here in blogosphere. I failed to attend Sati’s baptism but I heard of her surprise blowout, and I was even surprised too for her too much generosity. I also saw the flowers she sent for Niko on her birthday, and so much more many good feedback about her (of course courtesy of Niko). Curious about her, I do hop on her blog from time to time and I can sense her good spirit and her posts are well written too.

Like mine, her layout too was taken from Ipiet Templates and her header was in good taste too (I loved how the family picture was designed ). It is readable and eye catching too, I also noticed that she also helped promote her friend’s website and her badges are well organized too. She was a great follower of Couple’s Corner, Girl Talk, Food Trip Friday and many more.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention her name, she is Seiko of Seiko’s Diary. I wish she would recognize me and include me among her tons of friends here. Do visit her blog and you would also be mesmerized by her dalagas and of course, with the author too.


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pehpot said...

eto din ate, pa cahnge na lang ng mga links and key words :)