Jan 21, 2010

He is Buraot

I am not familiar with Buraot. The first time I laid my eyes on his site is to see first his layout, badges and then I was stunned when I saw his Page Rank! It was very rare to see a PR 4 here, next I peek on his personal details, who is Buraot? Honestly I am expecting that the author was a female. From his wordings, I knew that this author has great things in mind, imagine studying Psychology, Philosophy and Law (hmmm…is it all at the same time?). He might even pass for poetry too.

Being a pro here, I guess I have to asked for a few tips from him. Because of my very tight schedule at work, there are really times that I want to explore more but failed to do so. I already made an attempt before, reading some success stories how they earn much online. Being a major sponsor on Kaye and Pehpot’s contest, I knew Mr. Buraot will be kind enough to share some tips so just like him, I can increase my page rank and traffic too.

Actually, his layout was really manly, very precise and very simple. When I read some of his posts, I was fascinated by the words he used, oh that’s how lawyers talk. I was very saddened on his story about his 4 best friends who were already dead, but I know Buraot will find or has found many real friends out there.


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pehpot said...

ate dapat ung 2 links eh sa loob ng blog nya hindi sa homepage lang at dapat hindi pareho ang key word