Jan 23, 2010

Mom Conversations

If you're a new mother or even an anticipating mom, this new blog is the best place to visit, Mom Conversations. Her layout was very simple and elegant. Though this blog was new, the author was not, she was well loved too by so many bloggers because of her genuine generosity. Her newest post was very interesting, throwing away of their unsold items instead of donating it to charities by the two biggest retails stores Wal-mart & H&M. This was so disgusting because a lot of people out there needs basic things like clothes. I just hope since this was already published, they won't do it again. They must consider of being charitable especially now because its too obvious that many people are waiting for our help especially in the third world countries.

One more post that discuss very useful tips especially for new moms was getting rid of stretchmarks. Are there really creams that can buy over the counter that can really get rid of those unwanted stretchmarks? You may even discover some things about stretch mark that we are not aware of. I guess Umma knows it all being a mom herself. Go visit her wonderful blog and be informed about pregnancy, health & fitness, babies and other current categories.


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