Feb 25, 2010

Waiting for Summer

One more month to go but the students are already excited on their long vacation. To make their idle time useful and worthy, kids, teenagers or even those young at heart are encouraged to be enrolled in swimming, karate lessons, voice lessons, ballet, drawing and painting and of course different sports activities like basketball, badminton and skating. Haven’t been attempted figure skating but I really wanted to try it. I really love watching couples on an ice dancing, in 2001 a friend bought her TD Banknorth Garden Tickets for the US Figure Skating Championship. I bet its all worth it and enjoyed the show.

I’m also interested in enrolling at Center for Pop Music on voice lessons this summer together with Makoy. Who knows, there’s still a better chance for me to be like my idol Mariah Carey who’s having a show on February 27 so better get your Caesars Palace Tickets now. If you really have more spare money why not try purchasing Garth Brooks Tickets too. I'd better start practicing on our Wow Magic Sing every weekend.