Mar 1, 2010

Weekend downtime

We have no internet connection at home this weekend..grabe. Saturday morning I enrolled at Slimmers World for a 2 months program, then later in the afternoon we had a Badminton tournament at Powersmash, unfortunately (hmm...or fortunately)we did not win in the mixed doubles. The organizer, Comm & Sense Inc. was very disorganized, some players even walked out because of the confusion and very disorderly scheduling.
After attending the Sunday morning mass I told my kids that we would only eat at the nearest Jollibee store and buy some groceries and I want to be home before 1pm because of the forecasted tsunami at praning na ako sa earthquake... We did our Aerokaebo in the afternoon, its a combination of aerobics and boxing..around 4:30am my sleep was disturbed by the loud volume of my neighbor's radio, I heard something about intensity 8.8 so I hurriedly went out to watch a news, then I saw from the teleradyo DZMM about the intensity 8.8 at Chile. Grabe sobrang paranoid ako sa earthquake hindi na ako nakatulog! I pray that we will not experience a strong intensity of earthquake.

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