Apr 15, 2010

Mock Election

Late this afternoon my boss decided to hold a mock election in our division (Finance Department), to know who among the candidates for President & Vice President are the top choices in our department. Guess who among them will be the possible dark horse:

Aquino 46%
Teodoro 33%
Gordon 17%
Villar 4%

Roxas 61%
Binay 31%
Fernando 4%
Legarda 4%

I still have 4 weeks to think who will I vote for President, I left it blank, but I go for Mar for the Vice Presidency.


niko said...

nkta mo sana balota ko hihihih hahahaha

noynoy-mar choice ko at ng buong family nmen ni yobib. solid to!!


admin said...

aquino-roxas din ako ^_^

Clarissa said...

Election na naman sa Pinas!I'm sure parang fiesta na naman dyan!!