Jul 22, 2010

The Dentist is IN!

Looking for a good dentist that will look after your teeth and gums? It is important to visit the dentist regularly every six months. You can't smile because of your teeth? Have no fear, visit the prettiest dentist now!
If interested, you may email me at beng(dot)monje(@)gmail(dot)com so I can give you the contact number of my sister, thanks!



kat said...

well, where in Manila ang clinic hehehe.

Beng sali na sa $50 giveaways...madali lang ang mechanics then ako ang iyong referrer. 3 mins lang tapos ka na.


sali na.

Umma said...

pretty dentist indeed.. is she your sister madame Beng?

Btw, this is my new blog.. another blog to hatch hahaha.. have a great day sis..