Mar 11, 2011

Multiple Profession

I did not expect I will be an accountant at this moment, dealing with numbers in most of the time of my life as I had these numerous dreams when I was a little child. I wanted to be a teacher. I wished being an actress. I considered becoming a flight attendant. I even assumed of being a politician. I remember I have also once thought of wearing nursing scrubs as I have seen on those hospital attendants. I also imagined how to become a journalist.

I once dreamt of almost every profession that came to my mind. Weird as it may seem but it’s normal for young ones. Among all those line of work or career mentioned, I had a great inclination to be dressed with medical uniform. I love to take care of people. I have this kind of compassion on sick ones and elderly. I feel greater returns when somebody appreciates my deeds which involve personal touch. Given the chance, I still want to take any medical course. It could either be nursing, therapist or caregiver in sense. When that happens, I would reward myself collecting various types of scrub pants and tops. Shallow and simple may be but why not?

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