May 20, 2011

NBA 2011

At this point in time, basketball enthusiasts around the world are eagerly waiting for the results of the eastern and western conference finals of the National Basketball Association (NBA). And it is indeed evident from its live telecast (or even in replays) that people never fail to show support and cheer for their favorite teams considering the number of fans screaming out loud in cheering for their idols.

It is obviously undeniable that regardless of home courts, these basketball supporters want to personally watch a game. In that regard, the venue must have corresponding crowd control strategies to organize the people and avoid human collisions or stampede. There must be some kind of stanchions in the form of velvet rope or other retractable belts in the ticket or cashier area to keep them align and in order. In addition, barricades must be put in place within the vicinity to avoid traffic and maintain some sort of security and privacy.

Since Oklahoma, Dallas, Chicago and Miami got into the finals, they were the ones to expect a bulk of people coming in to their venue in the next few days. As of now, Dallas leads the western conference against Oklahoma at 1-0 while 1-1 for eastern conference which consist of games between Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls.
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