Mar 10, 2012

Think Positive

In our journey, we have our own ups and downs. Sometimes we have more downtime but still we have to focus on positive things and oppose our negative thoughts. Yesterday my guardian angel sent me this timely wonderful message:

"The key for creating your reality is to focus only on what you want, when you catch yourself thinking or feeling otherwise then slowly remind yourself that this is the goal that you want to achieve. With regards to the time, please note that in this dimension we are currently living, we are bounded by TIME. Let the Universe take its role and trust, no need to hurry and worry. Find some quiet time for yourself and you will know in practice that all answers are within. Blessings of much Love and Light be unto you."

It is not the length of life, but the depth of life. Live as if we were to die tomorrow, so if you hate me thank you.

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