Oct 2, 2009

End of the world?

I remember when I was still younger, I think I was in High School then, I am fond of reading articles about the end of the world....how will it happen, etc. Is there life after death? But what I vividly recall is that the end of the world will be caused by the people and not by God. What happened during the time of Noah might happen again because of the abuse of mankind to mother nature. This tragedy brought about by Typhoon Ondoy should teach us a lesson. We should really take this problem seriously. Let us help and really take care of our mother nature. Abusing it will really destroy the world we are living in. It was reviewed and analyzed that in the past 2 years, there was a sudden abnormality on the climate here in the Philippines. I was really bothered of the effects caused by climate change or global warming that we seem to neglect. This should be addressed seriously not only by Filipinos but all the people around the world. I wish and pray that this is not yet the end of the world.
Most importantly let us keep on praying that we will be spared by calamities. Love your families. Help save the earth.


kat said...

agree ako dito Beng, kakatakot kung mag eend na, hindi pa ako handa..promise..

wala kaming ulan dito ngayon, palagi lang makulimlim ang langit at malakas ang hangin, as in ang payong nagiging satelite pag humangin hehehe. sana nga lumihis ng landas si pepeng, may mga kamag anak ako dyan sa Taguig, at Sucat na malapit sila sa Laguna de Bay. Pinapaalis na namin sila, pinapa lock lang namin ang bahay nila pati mga bintana para di lumabas ang mga gamit kung saka sakaling bahain. Yong SIL ko sa Pasig, nabahaan din, ubos ang mga gamit nila, bahay lang ang natira kasi concrete naman bahay nila...kakatakot Beng no? binaha tayo, lindol sa Indonesia, at Tsunami sa American Samolia, wala na sanang kasunod.

Sige, thanks, i-gagrab ko sandali yong yellow shirt mo with my BF nyahaha and Angelou.

Mom of Four said...

Well said Ms Beng. I can rely on what you wrote. During times like these, we always think of the abuse that mankind did and still doing to our mother nature. and the only thing we can do is pray that our lives be spared if calamity comes our way. Take care.