Nov 12, 2009

Favorite Chocolate

It's my first time to participate here in Girls Talk! I was so anxious because I love the topic for this week, Favorite Chocolate! Just what i wrote in my previous post, I am really a chocolate lover, my day will not be complete not eating a chocolate. I love Hershey's kisses but the one that I frequently buy is Kitkat because it is more economical....Have a Break, Have a Kitkat!
To complete the list, Keebler is my favorite chocolate cookies.
Now you know my favorites, I wouldn't mind receiving those as Christmas presents...hehehe!



Willa said...

kit-kat! one of my favorite!!

Mom of Four said...

Hehehe..Kitkat used to be my fave, kaso natalo ng kisses with almonds, hahaha! di ako masyado mahilig sa chocolate chip hubby can eat a whole pack in 2 days..2 rows yun na tig 20 pcs ng cookies. can u imagine him munching on 20 pcs of cookies per night? with a tall glass of milk. ewww...naiisip ko pa lang nasusuka na ako sa suya..hehehe. I will eat maybe 2-3 pcs, di naman 20..hehehe..

chubskulit said...

I am not really into chocolates but i love Merci

My kids love your choices..

niko said...

aw kitkat gusto ko rin yan!!! ihhh baket ba di ko sinali sa list ko :)

i have to try keebler soon! meron ba yan sa puregold?? hihih

fave pastime tau next thurs madam.. sali ka ulit ha!

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nuts said...

il ove kitkat, di siya sobrang sweet..

darly said...

kaka miss Hershey's brands, we don't have that here in UAE, American brand kasi :)

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Chie Wilks said... the sweets here..i am having a sweet tooth now

my fave chocs are here